A specialist-only boutique law firm

At VESPER Attorneys, we believe that specialization and innovation are key game changers in facing today’s challenges of business and society. As modern-day lawyers, we do our part by counseling the entrepreneurs, investors and institutions that are shaping the world of tomorrow.

To enable ourselves to always deliver high quality, value-added legal solutions, our firm is set up as a lean specialist-only boutique. Our business-model maximizes efficiency and responsiveness, while avoiding unnecessary overhead. Our core values are reliability, specialization and experience.

Our services are not limited to a particular industry, but rather focuses on entrepreneurs and investors which are active in emerging and rapidly changing industries, such as Finance and FinTech, ICT, Health & Med-Tech, Life Sciences, Agro & Food, Sustainable Mobility and Smart Energy. We counsel them on matters of venture capital, fundraising, mergers & acquisitions, capital market access, regulatory matters and employability. For those in need of representation in court, we have a strong financial litigation practice.

In either industry, whether in contracting, closing deals or litigating in court, our clients rely on our intellectual creativity, constructive mentality and forward-thinking approach. We on our side are fully committed to never let them down.

VESPER Attorneys is a one-stop shop for innovative entrepreneurs and investors with more than 60 years of combined experience in Corporate Law, Financial Law, Financial Litigation, Regulatory and Employment Law gained in top law firms and the financial industry.