Dutch digital health startup Orikami is using artificial intelligence to offer highly personalized healthcare in an affordable way. Healthy.Capital is investing €600,000 to test the app in the real word: Orikami will bring its new form of care to the first 25,000 patients.

The company’s software, which has been “medically validated,” translates real patient data into digital treatment support called digital biomarkers. These biomarkers act as indicators to medical specialists, who can then prescribe medication more effectively. Not only does the Orikami approach save time and resources of the medical and pharmaceutical communities, but it saves patients from enduring ineffective and often expensive treatments. The technology is particularly suited for tracking complex chronic illnesses, such as neurologic disorders like Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinsons.

Douwe Jippes, managing partner at Healthy.Capital commented: “Digital biomarkers are the basis for moving towards more personalized health care. Orikami is the leader in Europe when it comes to the development of validated digital biomarkers. After an in-depth analysis of the European sector, one proposition stood out head and shoulders above the rest: Orikami.”

Bram den Teuling, founder of Orikami said, “Recognizing data patterns by continually monitoring the patient delivers insights that help when it comes to offering customized medical treatments. Our information is used to make important decisions and therefore it’s crucial that our products are clinically validated and certified. The past five years have given us significant experience with those processes. That makes us unique in the market. We are also actively looking for new collaborations with pharmaceutical companies.”