This ambitious founder raises half a million for her thriving legal tech startup

This ambitious female founder raises half a million for her thriving legal tech startup29 August 2018 | Digital transformation is real and its happening everywhere. In fact, it helps the organization to reinvent themselves through the use of digital technology to change and build up the business. One such field that took full advantage of the digital transformation is the legal industry.

In the recent past, there has been a lot of legal tech startups emerging to provide legal tech solutions and other innovations that make legal services more effective, transparent and affordable as well.

Secures €500,000 funding

In this regard, Ligo, a legal startup based out of Amsterdam, has raised €500,000 in a span of one month from private investors. According to Wendy Bogers, founder and CEO, the company is doing very well with annual turnover growing by more than 300%.

She also commented, “In the coming twelve months we will mainly invest in accelerating growth, further strengthening and expanding the team and making our legal services more intelligent using machine learning. We are very enthusiastic about the value this will have for the customers of Ligo.”

Ranked 39 in Forbes

It’s worth mentioning here the founder Wendy Bogers was recently mentioned at number 39 in the Forbes list of 100 Female Founders In Europe To Follow on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Founded in 2015, Ligo started as a platform to assist the budding entrepreneurs to set up their business and make the necessary tailor-made contracts with ease. The company offers legal documents, notarial services, and free phone consultation with lawyers and legal workflows. In addition to it, the company ensures each and every entrepreneur has access to affordable legal services on a daily basis for a fixed price per month.

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